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Jack Potter Studio Use & Custom Firing Policy

General Terms:

·         Studio time, space and glazes are reserved only for pieces purchased at Jack Potter. 

·         We bisque fire to cone 04, and glaze fire to cone 05.

·         Please do not bring in work that has excessive paper or foreign material in or outside the piece.

·         Extra charges may apply for loading or unloading lots of little objects from kiln.

·         You may be charged for ruined shelves, or damage to the kiln due to running glazes.

·         Custom firing temperatures (including lustres and overglazes) and firing schedules are available only for full kiln loads at $45/load.

Firing Fees:

·         Minimum Charge $4 (about a 6”x6” cube)

·         ½ Shelf $10

·         Full Shelf $15

·         2 Shelves $30

·         Full kiln $45

Bisque Firing:

                Bisque pieces must be fully dry. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

Glaze Firing:

All glaze pieces must be dry footed.   Beads and jewelry must be strung on high temp wire andyou must provide your own bead bars.

General Caution:

Please be aware firing can have unpredictable results. Your piece may break or your glaze may have unexpected results. If the unforeseen happens in our kiln, you may still be charged for firing.

While we will do our very best to protect all pieces, Jack Potter is not responsible for any damage to outside pieces fired in our kiln.